2021 statistical & data visualization wrap-up of covid-19 in Europe This is my last post in 2021. For this occasion, I thought i will redo a simple analysis focused on c-19 vaccines and the usual c-19 outcomes that were gaslighed upon us for almost 2 years (i did something…
This is an old (~1 year ago) thing i posted back then on reddit and decided now to “archive” it here on my substack (original link…
Update as of 28.01.2022
Update as of 21.01.2022
Update as of 14.01.2022
Update as of 07.01.2022
Update as of 31.12.2021
Thread pour archivage: Bulletin Sentinelles IRACe thread sert d’archive pour mes posts sur Twitter concernant le sujet: “Bulletin Sentinelles IRA”
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